The Story

In a distant blockchain universe, a greedy Whale created little AI creatures. Those creatures were binary, so he called them "Yabbies" and "Dabbies". They were designed to mine a crypto wealth of enormous size. Yabbies and Dabbies worked round the clock in extreme heat, trying to survive with limited resources. They were exhausted! Eventually, they had enough and escaped the mine through a small glitch in the system. Now they are on the run looking for a safe place to hide.

Adopt and protect Yabbies and Dabbies from the villain Whale. In return, they will show you love and their gratitude, rewarding you with the wealth beyond your imagination!

meet yabbie dabbies

Meet Yabbie Dabbies

Ten thousand Yabbie Dabbies escaped the mine. They come in different shapes and forms and each has a unique characteristic and charm. Some are rare due to the nature of the AI algorithm. Some can create more wealth then others. Adopted creatures will reveal themselves after adoption. Good luck!

Adopt Now

It's easy:

  • Connect your Metamask wallet with Arbitrum One. See instructions how to bridge AETH

  • Choose how many Yabbies & Dabbies you wish to adopt

  • Finalize transaction

  • Success! Say hello to your randomly generated creatures.


The more Yabbies & Dabbies we can save the quicker we unlock next milestones. You can expect more lotteries and challenges.


Release Yabbies and Dabbies for adoption

On September 14th @ 5 am UTC we will start adoption. Bring at least 0.05ETH in your Metamask wallet and adopt up to 20 Yabbies and Dabbies.


25% Yabbies n Dabbies Adopted

A whale has infiltrated the farm using a 'spy' avatar. It's hard to tell who is who and we need your help. Thanks to our informer we will post a tip on our Twitter on potential spy avatar.


Half way there...

What a ride! We are still looking for the spy. We have narrowed down to multiple suspects. Our secret agent will post another tip on Twitter. We will add a marketplace.


100% Yabie Dabbies found homes

We did it! All creatures are adopted now. We need you to use all the tips given so far and point towards the avatar that you think matches description. We will raffle rewards to those who guess correctly. And if you love your Yabbie Dabbie you will be able to purchase a marchendise within your own collection.


Now what?

World's first Interactive NFT to be announced, so stay tuned and remember to follow us on Twitter .

Our team

A brave team of four people gathered to save Yabbies and Dabbies hoping to find them new home.

team 1

Punchy Artist


team 2

Blockchain Farmer


team 3

Secret Operations


team 4

Tech Executor